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Change Evolve Transform

I empower women to live a life of confidence, happiness & freedom


Women are expected to juggle many things like a stressful career,

increased anxiety, overwhelming family responsibilities,

hormone depletion and much more.

So much is expected of us and yet we carry on and continue to suffer in silence. 

Are you struggling with all that's expected of you?

Are you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you  struggling with your weight?

Have you lost your confidence?

Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome? 

Are  health complaints plaguing your everyday life?

Are you trying to progress in your career?

Do you need a boost to your self esteem and confidence?

Do you ever feel not good enough (no matter how well you’re doing)

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but you’re still stuck in old patterns?

The reason why nothing has worked in the past is you never got to the root cause of the issue.

Are you ready to be free of whatever is holding you back?

Are you ready to take that final step and lead a life of happiness & confidence?

Start your Transformation today

Change Evolve Transform

How can I help you?

I use Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®),  which is designed to deliver rapid & permanent results 

What is it? Its FREEDOM

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) is hypnotherapy on STEROIDS. 

When you’re looking for change or experiencing issues, you want relief, you want rapid results and that’s exactly what RTT® delivers.  Its foundation is guided by the idea that you don’t need a lifetime to learn, master and then change the processes of the mind, nor weekly sessions.

Yes, it feels like magic, but really, it's science. 

Are you ready to be motivated, inspired and guided to achieve more than you dare to believe? 

Meet Kiran

I have always had a passion for encouraging people to be better versions of themselves.

When I discovered Marisa Peer, my mentor & creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy, I knew immediately it's what I was meant to do.

I am continuously investing into my own development to provide you the best service. I am incredibly passionate about helping people unleash their incredible potential.

I am not your typical Hypnotherapist - what I do, is life changing in the most self serving and powerful way.

Change Your Thinking
Change Your Life


RTT is a unique therapy, which impacts your life from the moment you start your session.

Image by Shubham Dhage


RTT is completely safe, recognised and celebrated around the world.


There are three types of change we see with RTT Therapy: Instant, Incremental, and Retroactive.

Image by Filipe Resmini


Every person is unique. And every session is completely bespoke.

Young Businesswoman


We call it Zoomnosis!

Over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

Image by Austin Kehmeier


You will recive 21 days of support and a beautiful personalised treatment audio to listen to.

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